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Learn how to actively daytrade the popular emini S&P 500 futures using pattern recognition based upon Simplified Elliott Wave™.

This is the original Day Trading Course™, educating stock index futures day traders from 26 countries since 1994. A full year course kicked off with 49 convenient bite-size videos to learn the basics. Then join our 9:30 to 4 p.m. Eastern chat room for real time chat about the setups and techniques. At 4 p.m. Eastern, stick around for our Daily Recap Webinar where you can show your trades and have them critiqued.
Learn how to trade stocks and ETFs. Typical time frame is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Emphasis on visual chart analysis, risk-adverse trades. Everything you need to know. No details left out. Full course up front. Includes 3 months of email support...extendable.
Several stock investments per year. Designed for those that can't or don't want to watch the market every day and that want specific investment info sent to them.

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Euro vs. U.S. Dollar: What Will the "Big News Week" Bring?

This week promises to be big on economic news. Meanwhile, EURUSD, the world's biggest forex market, has been trading lower and lower over the past few days, as the U.S. dollar got stronger. How might the upcoming events impact this trend?

(Video, 2:52 min.) Commodities Get Clobbered Like Our Analysts Said They Would

The downtrend in commodity prices was advertised in the chart pattern long before China’s economic slowdown. Now, sentiment has reached a negative extreme.

Yen Falls on GDP Data. Yen Rises on GDP Data. Confused Yet?

On November 16, GDP data confirmed Japan had fallen back into a recession. No two-ways about it. Yet, the yen had more than two ways to react to the news...

(Video, 7:44 min.) Robert Prechter: Big Changes Ahead for Major Markets -- Crude Oil

Robert Prechter explains how Elliott wave indicators led him to his June 2008 forecast that "one of the greatest commodity tops of all time is due very soon" amidst the bull market in oil.

(Interview, 2:10 min.) Financial Markets are a Psychological Phenomenon

Robert Prechter talks about his developing theory on finance with Douglass Lodmell for The Mind Of Money series.

Traders and Trendlines: A Match Made in Opportunity Heaven

Trendlines: You may have heard of them. Now, see how effective this simple technical tool can be for identifying high-confidence trade set-ups in real-world financial markets. Examples: gold and O.J.

(Video, 5:06 min.) EUR, GBP, AUD and CHF: 4 Markets That Screamed "Stronger Dollar!" a Month Ago

The U.S. dollar has gotten a lot stronger lately, and you'll find many "fundamentally" based reasons for that. But watch tour Senior Currency Strategist explain how more than a month ago, Elliott wave patterns in four separate forex markets already warned of the U.S. dollar strength.

(Chart of the Day, 1:43 min.) Why Not to "Bank" on It

Here you see a chart of two indexes, which represent two strongly-related sectors in the financial industry -- namely, banking and hedge funds. At a glance, the patterns look similar. But there is more to this story.

(Video, 2:34 min.) The U.S. Dollar Index Hits 100

There was no shortage of U.S. dollar bears during the 2007-2009 financial crisis. But the greenback defied the negative sentiment and now trades near 100. See what could have helped you anticipate that sharp bounce.

(Interview, 4:40 min.) The Topping Process Is Steaming Along

Listen to Pete Kendall, co-editor of our monthlyElliott WaveFinancial Forecast, as he discusses important trends -- in several key markets -- that he’ll be watching in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Paging Dr. Copper

Copper's uses are so widespread that earned a nickname for "diagnosing" the economy -- as in, "Dr. Copper." Well, Dr. Copper's prices have not been doing that great. On Nov. 23, Marketwatch reported that, "Copper futures slumped to six-year lows..."

(Interview, 1:46 min.) Asia-Pacific: 6 Markets to Watch Now

In this new interview, our global opportunities expert, Chris Carolan, tells you about the markets that he’s excited about as we look towards the end of 2015 and into 2016.

(Video, 2:31 min.) Infinity Lights vs. The Stock Market

Applying the laws of consumer economics to the stock market is a big mistake. See an illustration that shows how they differ.

Give Thanks for a… Truly Objective Commodity Forecast

In 2012, all the "fundamental" lines added up in corn's bullish favor. And yet, corn prices embarked on a multi-year bear market that persists today. Lend your "ear" to the full story...

Why Are Stocks Rising? (A Not-So-Silly Question.)

Stocks just had their best week in a long time. And why not? Job numbers look good. Square and Tinder's IPOs are doing well. Good news all around. That's why stocks are up. Right? Well, only if you read happy news stories...

(Video, 2:11 min.) Crude Oil: How Low Will Prices Go?

U.S. crude has recently slipped below $40, and the mainstream media is blaming a supply glut. But is that the real reason for oil’s slide? Take a look at an oil chart that goes back over 150 years.

(Chart of the Day, 3:53 min.) Negative Social Mood Drives Combatants in the Syrian Conflict

Syria is at the top of any serious list of today's "biggest problems." Not just because of Syria's nearly five-year war. Not just for being the bloodiest example of how "The Arab Spring" became "The Arab Winter"...

Devaluation Doobie: Getting High on Falling Currencies

A new day has dawned as the world's largest economies adopt a pro-currency devaluation stance -- led by China. So, what really happened to change their minds?

Falling Crude Oil Prices: More Than Meets the Eye?

On Thursday (Nov. 19), crude oil again fell below $40. From our perspective, there are other factors impacting oil prices than what meets the eye. We are talking about Elliott wave patterns, of course.

(Interview, 5:54 min.) EWAVES Developer: "We are not quants" -- and Here's Why It Matters

You've probably heard of "quants," or quantitative analysts. You may also know that we've been developing our own AI system we call EWAVES. Watch Elliott Prechter's new interview and learn what makes EWAVES different.

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