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Learn how to actively daytrade the popular emini stock index futures using pattern recognition based upon Simplified Elliott Wave™.

Day Trade stocks, ETFs, emini futures, or forex. This is the original Day Trading Course, educating stock index futures day traders from 17 countries since 1994. A year-long course kicked off with 5-days of intensive One-on-One training, either in person or online. Includes a full year of support.
Learn how to trade stocks and ETFs. Typical time frame is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Emphasis on visual chart analysis, risk-adverse trades. Everything you need to know. No details left out. Full course up front. Includes 3 months of email support...extendable.
Several investments per year. Designed for those that can't or don't want to watch the market every day and that want specific investment info sent to them.

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(Video, 1:30 min.) Are Emerging Markets at Risk of "Russian Contagion"?

We asked the editor of our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast an important question: "The collapse of the Russian ruble and stock market has made many investors afraid of contagion. What's your take on the situation?" Watch.

Who Holds the Future of Gold in Its Hands? Hint: It's Not the Fed!

Mainstream economic wisdom says the Federal Reserve holds the fate of gold prices in its hand. Cut rates, and gold rallies. Raise rates, and gold falls. Recent history, however, tells a radically different story.

What is Socionomics?

Have you ever noticed how economists, politicians, and business leaders consistently fail to foresee major turning points in history? With all of today’s science and technology, why are we still unable to anticipate wars, economic depressions, financial bubbles and even fashion trends?

“The World May See an Even Darker Side of Putin”

Today, with the Russian RTSI Index nearing its 2009 lows and the ruble collapsing, it’s a good time to review an excerpt from a recent 8-page study on a dangerous trend that socionomics, the new science of social prediction, foresaw seven years ago.

(Video, 2:59 min.) Will "Diversification" Protect Your Portfolio in 2015?

Diversification is supposed to cushion your portfolio during periods of volatility. If one or more assets decline in value, one or more others will rise -- or so the reasoning goes. Learn why this can be a dangerous financial notion during the next economic trend.

Why Is the Russian Ruble in Freefall?

If you'd like to hear a good Elliott wave story, the ruble has one to tell. Even if you don't follow the currency, you know about the recent tensions between Russia and the West. It all began in February-March...

(Video, 3:07 min.) What Happened to the "Early Christmas Rally?"

In early December, with the Dow near 18,000, many investors couldn't imagine the rally NOT continuing into the end of the year. And yet, from the high on December 5, the Dow is now off more than 800 points. What happened?

DJIA Falls 700-plus Points: What Caused the Worst Weekly Loss in 3 Years?

The week ending Dec. 12 was the Dow's worst loser in three years. The mainstream experts say "plunging oil prices" are to blame for the rout. We couldn't disagree more!

(Video, 4:11 min.) When December Can Disappoint Stock Market Bulls

Many market analysts are banking on a "Santa Claus rally." But history shows that stocks can turn in the opposite way from seasonal patterns. Get important insights that you need to know about the end-of-year stock market pattern.

(Video, 3:04 min.) The Federal Reserve's Inflation Gauge: Falling to 2008 Levels

Few people see deflation as a threat. But deflation is grabbing global headlines. Learn what you need to know now about this potentially devastating trend.

Oil's 6-Month-Long Drop: Is It Over?

Crude has been in the headlines almost daily, but for all the wrong reasons. A bit of history: After hitting $107.73 in late June, oil has dropped an alarming 40%. (Well, alarming to some. If you own a car and live in the U.S., you've seen an almost corresponding drop at the pump.)

Why Greece's Stock Market Fell 13% in ONE Day... No, the REAL Reason!

On December 9, Greece's stock market plunged 13% -- its "worst collapse ever." Knowing why the market crashed, however, is not the story being told by the mainstream media.

(Video, 3:13 min.) A Warning About Crude Oil's Bear Market

Oil traders were strongly bullish earlier in 2014 when oil was trading around $100 a barrel. But that was the time to be bearish. See how we kept subscribers ahead of oil's big price turn.

(Interview, 1:51 min.) Our Asia Analyst and Chinese Stocks are Both on Fire

Since July, China's main stock index, the Shanghai Composite, has been on fire: up 50%! Yet, not everyone is buying the rally. Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor give his take on that skepticism.

(Interview, 5:14 min.) Asia and Europe: Are Markets Rolling Over?

Elliott Wave International's Asian-Pacific Short Term Update and European Short Term Update editor, Chris Carolan, talks about big market moves in China and Greece this week.

What Woke China's Bull Is... the Only Thing That Can Put It Back to Sleep

Since mid-year, China's Shanghai Composite Index has soared nearly 40%. Some mainstream analysts call the rally "irrational." We at Elliott Wave International strongly disagree.

(Video, 3:10 min.) The Single Best Indicator of Deflation's Potential?

The price of crude oil sits near a five-year low. Yes, motorists are paying less for gasoline than they have in four years. Yet oil's dramatic price decline suggests a rare economic trend. Now is the time to prepare.

(Interview, 1:19 min.) EWI's European Analyst Brian Whitmer on Sentiment

Germany's DAX stock index has just hit a new all-time high. Most European markets seem determined to end 2014 on a positive note. Do they have what it takes to keep rising? Watch.

(Interview, 1:41 min.) What Is the Financial Press Overlooking?

As our new, December Financial Forecast was going to press on Dec. 5, we had a quick opportunity to ask Steve Hochberg, the Financial Forecast co-editor, a couple of important questions. Watch.

(Video, 3:33 min.) Deflation: Why We're Sticking with Our Forecast

Mounting evidence points to a tectonic shift toward economic conservatism. Even so, many experts remain dismissive of the possibility of deflation. Learn when we believe that "deflation will go viral."

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