Paul Quillen - Emini Futures DayTrader Education

Learn how to actively daytrade the popular emini stock index futures using pattern recognition based upon Simplified Elliott Wave™.

Day Trade stocks, ETFs, emini futures, or forex. This is the original Day Trading Course, educating stock index futures day traders from 17 countries since 1994. A year-long course kicked off with 5-days of intensive One-on-One training, either in person or online. Includes a full year of support.
Learn how to trade stocks and ETFs. Typical time frame is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Emphasis on visual chart analysis, risk-adverse trades. Everything you need to know. No details left out. Full course up front. Includes 3 months of email support...extendable.
Several investments per year. Designed for those that can't or don't want to watch the market every day and that want specific investment info sent to them.

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Elliott Wave International - Free Updates

Forex Trading: Perspective, Trends & Finding New Opportunities

In this brand-new video interview, EWI Senior Currency Strategist Jim Martens shares his approach to the forex markets and how the 'simplicity' of the Wave Principle has guided him through 23 years of trading.

A Great Model to Understand Gold's Price Swings

On October 31, gold prices touched their lowest level since July 2010. You're going to hear a lot about how gold's decline had much ado about the Fed's end of QE. Don't believe it!

(Video, 3:32 min.) Bullish Survey: The Biggest One-Week Jump in 34 Years

Many market forecasts are nothing more than linear projections of the current trend. They usually fail to deliver what you really want to know -- namely when to expect a trend change.

(Video, 3:04 min.) The End of QE

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve said it will stop its quantitative easing. The program was a risky, multi-year experiment, and many news stories offer sober assessments of the result. Here's ours, too.

(Video, 4:05 min.) 3 Ways to Combine a Technical Indicator Like MACD with Elliott Waves

Trend indicators are computerized studies that you often see at the bottom of price charts. There are literally hundreds of technical indicators out there, but of all those, one of the most useful ones is MACD, Moving Average Convergence-Divergence.

(Video, 3:10 min.) Will 3% Down Protect the Housing Market?

The U.S. government is again pushing home ownership. The FHFA is trying to boost the lackluster housing market through down payments as low as 3%. Will it work? A chart shows that the answer mainly depends on the stock market.   


Don't Get Ruined by These 10 Popular Investment Myths (Part IX)

Myth #9: “Inflation makes gold and silver go up.” This one seems like a no-brainer. Gold is real money, so it must fluctuate along with the inflation rate. It’s basic physics. Yet, once again, it doesn’t happen that way...

Don't Blame Sanctions For Russia's Bear Market

The mounting sanctions against Russia are not the cause of the reversal in Russian shares and ruble. Why? Because the reversal began 3 years BEFORE the blacklists began.

(Video, 3:50 min.) Investors Often Make This Big Mistake

The U.S. economy grew 4.6% in Q2 of this year, a big leap from the 2.1% contraction in Q1. The jobless rate also improved to 5.9%. So why is the Dow several hundred points below its September 19 all-time high?


Start Making Sense of the Euro's Price Swings

When the euro stood at a 2-and-1/2 year high against the U.S. dollar in May, the currency was said to have "priced in" an ECB interest rate cut into negative territory. But then, said cut came & the euro fell. Sound crazy? 

EURUSD: How To Know Tomorrow's Trend Today

Forex FreeWeek on starts on November 4. Get your free password now -- and get full access to our forecasts for 11 biggest FX markets, some 24 hours a day.

Don't Get Ruined by These 10 Popular Investment Myths (Part VIII)

Would a terrorist attack cause the stock market to drop? It seems logical that a scary, destructive attack would be bearish for stock prices. Well, take a look at these two charts.

(Video, 3:26 min.) Did the Fed "Save" Us Again Last Week?

You could say that the Fed saved us again last week. Many investors believe that. Unfortunately, they also have very short memories. This excerpt from our October 2007 Elliott Wave Theorist explains why.

Is Crude Oil at $80 or Less the New Normal?

This detailed look at the 4-month long sell-off in crude oil to around $80 per barrel proves one thing: Elliott wave analysis is a method that really does give you a window into oil trends, before they occur.

(Video, 3:16 min.) Bond Traders Stunned by "Wild and Historic Move"

Many investors have flocked into the "safety" of bonds during the recent volatility in stocks. But are they jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Get an important insight into the bond market that is rarely if ever offered by the mainstream media.

(Interview, 4:04 min.) "Asian Stocks Are Poised for an Uptrend"

On October 21, the editor of our monthly Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast, Mark Galasiewski, joined Bloomberg's program "On The Move Asia." See why Mark thinks Asian stocks are looking up.

(Video, 2:52 min.) A Few Thoughts on This 27th Anniversary of Black Monday

"Stronger economy means stronger stock market." That's what almost everyone believes. And that's also what makes their position precisely backwards. Just how backwards -- well...

Want to Know the REAL Reason Why the Stock Market Turned Down?

According to the mainstream financial experts, there are 3 key causes for the biggest stock market retreat in more than 2 years; they are: Alibaba, Ebola... and voodoo black magic (well, sort of).

(Video, 3:20 min.) Are You Prepared for a Rare Economic Deflation?

In 2002, Conquer the Crash was virtually alone in warning about deflation. Now, European government officials acknowledge that the Continent faces deflation. More than that, the financial press is now raising concern about the prospects of a U.S. deflation. Are you prepared?

(Video, 4:36 min.) EURUSD: How To Spot a Market Bottom

It's hard to go against the tide. In the markets, when everyone is bullish (or bearish, as it was in this case), the gravitational pull of the crowd is huge. Yet, watch how just a few market indicators can help you break free.

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