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Learn how to actively daytrade the popular emini stock index futures using pattern recognition based upon Simplified Elliott Wave™.

Day Trade stocks, ETFs, emini futures, or forex. This is the original Day Trading Course, educating stock index futures day traders from 17 countries since 1994. A year-long course kicked off with 5-days of intensive One-on-One training, either in person or online. Includes a full year of support.
Learn how to trade stocks and ETFs. Typical time frame is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Emphasis on visual chart analysis, risk-adverse trades. Everything you need to know. No details left out. Full course up front. Includes 3 months of email support...extendable.
Several investments per year. Designed for those that can't or don't want to watch the market every day and that want specific investment info sent to them.

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Elliott Wave International - Free Updates

(Video, 3:08 min.) Why (and How) Freedom Declines When Cops Go Military

In the past decade or so, in thousands of cities and towns around the country, the police has been getting free military equipment. The main condition is that cops must use the equipment within one year of receiving it...

Europe: The ONE Economic Comparison That Must Not Be Named... Was Just Named

The economic scenario that must not be named -- "Japan-style Deflation" has been uttered in reference to Europe. From the very beginning, Elliott Wave International foresaw that this day would come, despite the efforts of central banks.

(Video, 3:35 min.) Does "Rational Exuberance" Rule the Stock Market?

A well-known market strategist recently said "rational exuberance" is at work in today's stock market, based on a growing economy and the prospect for strong corporate earnings. Here is our take on that.

Oil Prices Have Fallen Despite ISIS; Are YOU Scratching Your Head?

Crude oil prices have been sliding lower since June 2014 -- DESPITE ongoing political unrest in the Middle East. From an Elliott wave perspective, crude's sell-off is no "head scratcher."

(Video, 2:25 min.) The Last Time Sentiment Was THIS Extreme, Ronald Reagan Was President

When conditions like investor complacency and a deteriorating trend come together, you can get a very ugly outcome....

Inside Look: Epic Optimism that Can Be Reversed Only by a Huge Bear Market

Recent weeks brought the biggest confrontation with Moscow since the Cold War, a race riot, a new low in the popularity of President Obama and grisly beheadings at the hands of religious terrorists amidst a major re-escalation of the war in Iraq. And yet...

Inside Look: Top Approaching in Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A)?

Warren Buffett’s return is amazing, but what makes it more amazing is that he started his investment empire the very year the U.S. domestically went off hard money and one year before the Dow made a major top in terms of real money (gold), which ...

Inside Look: The Democracy Wave Recedes

Underneath the surface, data shows that democracy is losing ground. According to Freedom House, the total number of functioning democracies is down from a peak in 2007. The current total remains historically high, but it’s back to where it was in 1998.

(Video, 3:31 min.) Deflation: First Japan, Now Europe: Is the United States Next?

A famous hedge fund manager recently said that deflation "is less likely than an asteroid hitting the earth." Yet, Europe already faces very low inflation and outright deflation, and Japan just suffered a stunning economic setback.

Inside Look: The Specter of Global Debt Default is Once Again Rearing its Head

In recent weeks, the specter of global debt default is once again rearing its head. On August 1, Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debt, which occurred on the heels of bond defaults in South African and Portuguese banks. Meanwhile, Chinese property companies are starting to fail ...

(Video, 2:52 min.) Gold Prices: Why the Fed Matters Less Than You May Think

On September 17, gold traders and investors were sure of one thing: IF the Fed kept interest rates near 0% for a "considerable time," gold prices would rise. The Fed did just that -- YET, gold prices dropped 1% that day. What gives?

Inside Look: What Do Extreme Sentiment, Optimistic Predictions and Rising U.S. Dollar Signal?

"The percentage of bears among advisory services...just reached its lowest level of the current bull market: 13.3% (see chart). This means 86.7% of advisors are bullish on the long term trend."

(Video, 2:52 min.) The US Air War, ISIS, and the Stock Market

Some economists say war is good for stocks; others say war is bearish. Which view is correct? Take a look at four charts that show the stock market's trend during previous times of war.

(Video) Gold: Clear Elliott Wave Structure Implies a Big Move Ahead

In his August 22 presentation at the San Francisco MoneyShow, Elliott Wave International's chief market analyst Steve Hochberg offered his analysis of gold's recent Elliott wave structure. Watch.

(Video, 2:43 min.) Gold: "Tarnished for Good"?

With the economic numbers rising, a Sept. 23 MarketWatch article predicts that gold prices are "tarnished for good." That's because economic expansions ALWAYS reduce gold's safe-haven demand, right? Not exactly.

Stocks, Gold, Silver, U.S. Treasuries: "Exciting Things Are Happening"

Enron, Lehman Bros, GM, gold: Mainstream experts failed to see dramatic reversals in those markets. In a recent interview, Elliott Wave International's Steve Hochberg explained why – PLUS gave his insights into gold, stocks, silver & more.

(Video, 2:29 min.) Silver: Long Way to the High, Long Fall Since

Silver hit $49.91 on April 25, 2011. Eleven days later, The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast said, "Try as they might, silver speculators will not be able to bring back the bubble." The price of silver just fell to a 4-year low.

Inside Look: Hedge Funds Surpass 2007 Leverage

"Hedge funds are further out on the same limb they occupied in 2007, right before the collapse shown on this chart of the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index."

EURUSD: Why "It's Time to Start Thinking Defensively"

What you're about to read will demonstrate that wave analysis is a most nimble and adaptable forecasting tool you’ll ever use.

(Video, 3:41 min.) Her Majesty Is Pleased -- But the Social Mood Story Isn't NEARLY Over

You could say that the latest big international story is about what didn't happen in Scotland: The Scots didn't leave. But if this was merely a tale about what didn't happen, then I wouldn't waste your time with it. There is something more...

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