Paul Quillen - Emini Futures DayTrader Education

Learn how to actively daytrade the popular emini stock index futures using pattern recognition based upon Simplified Elliott Wave™.

Day Trade stocks, ETFs, emini futures, or forex. This is the original Day Trading Course, educating stock index futures day traders from 17 countries since 1994. A year-long course kicked off with 5-days of intensive One-on-One training, either in person or online. Includes a full year of support.
Learn how to trade stocks and ETFs. Typical time frame is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Emphasis on visual chart analysis, risk-adverse trades. Everything you need to know. No details left out. Full course up front. Includes 3 months of email support...extendable.
Several investments per year. Designed for those that can't or don't want to watch the market every day and that want specific investment info sent to them.

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Elliott Wave International - Free Updates

Copper's Bear Market: Harnessing the Energy of Elliott Waves

In 2011, fundamentals painted an ongoing bullish picture for copper prices. Elliott waves, however, foresaw a foreboding reversal in the red metal's future.

(Video, 3:30 min.) The Power of Context

Without exaggeration, Jeffrey Kennedy, who edits our Trader's Classroom, a service that helps traders learn how to find opportunities for themselves -- is the most sought-after Elliott wave trading instructor on the planet.  Watch this video clip to understand why.

(Video, 3:42 min.) The Other “Higher Education Bubble”

The student loan bubble has grown to about $1.2 trillion. But another bubble is growing in higher education. University endowments invest 75% of their assets in risky securities as some financial markets turn less liquid.

(Podcast, 9:32 min. -- iTunes' Top 10 for April!) A Bullish Ghost Inhabits Market Sentiment

When do you know the past is about to repeat itself? In the stock market that time comes when you hear phrases like "This time it's different," or, like today's "New Normal." Get the full story in the new free podcast from our Pop Trends, Price Culture.

(Interview, 1:47 min.) The 3 T's: Teaching, Trading and Technical Analysis

Our free Trader Education Week is now open (April 22-28)! The short daily video lessons you'll receive will come from our Trader's Classroom, a service for traders who want to improve. Watch this short chat with Trader's Classroom editor, Jeffrey Kennedy.

(Video, 3:20 min.) Just How Bullish Is the Latest Move by China’s Central Bank?

Lending and borrowing are lifeblood of today’s economy. So the fact that China is making more money available for lending seems like a step in the right direction. Except, making money available is not everything -- here's why.

Gold Buying: Why Central Bankers are the Ultimate “Odd Lotters”

When it comes to timing the major turns of one market in particular -- gold -- central bankers are consistently as "off" as a week-old fish. Case in point, gold's 2011 peak...

(Video, 3:13 min.) Sentiment Anticipates a Price Rally in Crude Oil

The most useful financial forecasts anticipate trend changes. Alas, most Wall Street pundits simply project the current trend into the future. See how our method helped us to anticipate two trend turns in the price of oil.

EURUSD: 8 Charts, 1 Lesson in Rolling with the Punches

Elliott wave analysis, done right, is a beautiful thing. Please take a look at last week’s (April 13-17) price action in EURUSD to see if you agree. On Monday morning (April 13), the U.S. dollar’s prospects weren’t looking too hot...

Why Stock Investors Should Watch the Junk Debt-to-Treasury Debt Spread

A narrow yield spread between junk debt and comparable U.S. Treasuries indicates economic confidence. Conversely, a widening spread means that investors are growing more risk-averse. This can be bad news for the stock market. Learn more …

Why 2 of U.S. Dollar's Recent Bottoms Have 1 Thing In Common

In 2009 and mid-2014, mainstream analysis said the collapse of the U.S. dollar was beginning anew. One Elliott wave pattern, however, said it was coming to an end...

The 2 Most Important Keys to Successful Trading

After 20+ years of applying Elliott wave analysis in real markets, our Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy says that it remains the only tool that tells him -- to the penny -- when his forecast is no longer viable. That, says Kennedy, is the 1st of 2 keys to successful trading. Here's an example.

(Interview, 7:01 min.) Learn 4 Key Elements of High-Confidence Trading

In this new interview, Elliott Wave International's Senior Tutorial Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy shares with you his 4-step method for finding high-confidence trade setups. Listen.

(Podcast, 9:19 min. -- iTunes' Top 10 for April!) A Bad Call and Busted Career, Reconsidered

“The uptrend in stocks reflects the sound fundamentals of a new economy based on new technologies.” -- What year do you think this quote is from? Late 1990s? 2007? Today? No. Listen.

(Video, 3:16 min.) The “Ultimate Crowd” Embraces the U.S. Dollar

When the crowd hops aboard a financial trend, it’s usually time to hop off. Now, the “ultimate” crowd has bought into the U.S. dollar rally. Is this a sign of an imminent reversal?

(Video, 3:12 min.) Just How Safe Are Top U.S. Banks?

All 31 banks that took the Fed's annual “stress test” recently have passed (although some did better than others). But why then would the FDIC vice chairman say something like this? Watch.

Hong Kong Stock Market & Feng Shui Masters

Back in 2009, all economic -- and other-worldly -- signs said it would be the year of an ongoing bear for the Hang Seng index. Elliott wave analysis, however, told a different -- bullish -- story. Here's why.

(Video, 3:09 min.) Is “Oversupply” Driving Crude Oil's Bear Market?

Many energy analysts blame a supply glut for oil's sharp decline in the past 10 months. The reason seems logical enough. But a little research shows why it's probably not true. Learn more.

(Video, 3:23 min.) Mergers & Acquisitions Go to Manic Levels

Corporate boardroom confidence has rarely been stronger. Mergers-and-acquisitions volume in 2015 is on pace to be the second highest on record. See a chart that shows just how dramatically the trend can change.

(Podcast, 8:33 min. -- iTunes' Top 10!) From Econ to Comedy: The Ruin of Heroes

What could the Federal Reserve and comedian Bill Cosby possibly have in common? In a sentence, “Ruined reputations, thanks to negative social mood.” Yes it sounds bizarre -- but listen for yourself.

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